Have you ever wondered why Cellulite and Adipose tissue always sit in the same stubborn places? 

It is usually connected to genetics but can also be caused by poor circulation, diet factors, medication and general activity. Due to this clustering of factors some areas just won’t budge, thus skin texture and tone can also be adversely affected. 

Clusters of cellulite and “jigglier” areas can affect both men and women, but it is more common in females, due to the different distributions of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. Between 80 and 90 percent of women may experience cellulite at some point in their lives!

Cellulite and stubborn Adipose tissue, can adversely affect confidence. This is where SurFACEskin’s groundbreaking treatment, Vaculase BodyShape comes in! Vaculase is aimed at making the individual feel more confident and comfortable both naked and in clothes. The added benefit of body contouring and reshaping the body is that it helps clothes fit better, thus helping you feel better. 

At SurFACEskin we use advanced non-surgical technologies for cellulite reduction, disproportionate  cluster of adipose tissue and fluid retention. This non-invasive method is suitable for body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite reduction. It is safe and effective and can be used on many areas of the body, including the back, arms, legs, abdomen and glutes.

What are the four stages of cellulite?

There are four distinct stages that define cellulite conditions

Stage One: Cellulite can be characterised by a “jiggly”, loose appearance and may be accompanied by slightly visible “orange peel” effect when standing.

Stage Two: Is indicated by visible dimpling and an “orange peel” appearance on the skin’s surface.

Stage Three: Is characterised by a cottage cheese appearance and visible lumps under the skin’s surface.

Stage Four: Cellulite is characterised by a mattress-like appearance of the skin’s surface and larger lumps under the surface which can be painful to touch.

How Do Cellulite/Contouring Treatments Work?

SurFACEskin’s Vaculase BodyShape treatment combines multiple modes of action: vacuum massage, laser, and coolsculpting to break down the dense fibrous tissues. The cool suction combined with laser diodes can break up fat and adipose tissues non-surgically by pushing it to your lymphatic system to be eliminated through sweat and waste. 

This combination of modalities also deals with the loss of skin laxity and can also emulsify fat, with minimal damage to blood vessels, skin and tissues. At the same time, the skin and its subcutaneous tissues are stimulated by the mechanical massage and suction actions of Vaculase to treat cellulite, in addition to cooling and smoothing of the skin.

The Benefits & Steps Involved

Increased local blood circulation – Vaculase is effective for temporarily increasing local blood circulation and microcirculatory function as well as increasing blood flow due to capillary and arterial vasodilation 

Increased lymphatic circulation – Massage and exercise are the only ways one can increase the flow of lymph. The lymphatic system is the body’s water and waste transport system, closely linked with the circulatory system. Over time, this system can become blocked and sluggish. Vaculase stimulates the lymphatic system, clearing lymphatic blockages and disposing of waste (toxins) more quickly.

Change in capillary hydrostatic pressure – Stretching of the vertical connective fibres (septae) using suction and cupping to gently stretch the septae, repairing dimpling and restoring a smooth skin surface.

Stimulation of electrolyte metabolism – The laser component of Vaculase has shown to be able to break up some of the fat cells. Vaculase laser emission is characterised by strictly uniform, constant and controlled pulses in combination with localised cooling and mechanical vacuum massage.

Combined Treatment Modes For Elevated Results

Vaculase combines three modes of action: laser, mechanical massage and cooling. When aimed at an area of cellulite and tissue, the low-level laser beams warm the tissues and stimulate circulation in the very tiny vessels. At the same time, mechanical massage and suction stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, while localised cooling smooths and tightens the skin.

Effective Contouring and Cellulite Reduction will occur with:

Phase 1: Deep Laser Stimulation

The laser diodes reactivate and boost the arterial, venous and lymphatic micro-circulation, encouraging neo-angiogenesis of the intradermal vessels. The laser light energy also has beneficial effects on fibroblast activity.

Phase 2: Localised Cooling

The localised cooling system boosts the volume-reducing effect, optimising reabsorption of the edema by stimulating a vascular workout.

Phase 3: Lipomassage

The rhythmic aspiration massage engages the lympho-drainage and tissue stimulation processes, enhancing restoration of the skin’s normal collagen elastic tension.

Harnessing the power of all three phases simultaneously makes Vaculase BodyShape an unrivalled competitor in the fight against cellulite!

What do you do to feel more confident in your skin? 

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