Dermal therapies that empower you on your journey to better skin & body health

The dermal and cosmetic industry has changed a lot over the past two decades. The advancement in treatment selections, the medical approach to beauty enhancements, and the technology in skincare products backed by science have evolved immensely; but my approach to skin and body care remains the same. 

I have spent over 20 years on a mission to empower every person who steps foot into the clinic to feel confident in the skin they’re in. We have always had a conservative approach to skin and body wellness, believing in consistency, routines and rituals, with emphasis on how something makes you feel, rather than how it makes you look. 

SurFACEskin advocates for a holistic approach to beauty. We don’t encourage masking problems and concerns, we work with you on every angle to tailor a long term approach to how we can maintain the integrity of the skin, whilst enhancing your natural beauty in the process to make you feel your best. 

I have dedicated my professional career to advanced learning, and unfortunately continue to come across the same issues time and time again, with many clinics and consumers falling into the trap of trending treatments run by fear-based marketing tactics, and the social conditioning that only supports unrealistic expectations of oneself. We stand to be different. 

SurFACEskin was designed to educate, inform, and empower clients with the knowledge and comfort of bespoke skin and body wellness plans, to create a supportive and relaxing experience that drives amazing results. That’s not to say we don’t have trending treatments, but that is to say we only adopt the leading advancements that have been scientifically proven to drive the results our clients are after, and are honest with who we would recommend these for – as not one treatment approach is for all.

Over the past seven years of our doors being open to the Perth community, we have continued to drive the evolution of selfcare. For us, it’s not just about achieving an external aesthetic, and certainly discourages an approach for you to look like anyone else but you. Instead we truly work with the natural beauty that exists in you, just as you are. And I truly believe this is what makes our clients the most radiant versions of themselves. I am so proud that in this process of skin and body wellness, we work alongside our patients internal journeys, eradicating critical self talk and highlighting the importance of what just really loving yourself is all about.

As we enter our 8th year, which in numerology signifies balance, we thought it was timely to weave more of this into our approach to skin, body, wellness.

Your skin journey, body journey, and wellness journey don’t work in silos. We are so integrated as beings, and this is evident in where we see the best results for our clients. When we approach our lives with the aim of balance, everything is equalised. Our bodies are well nourished, or minds are stress free, and our skin is a pure reflection of this internal vibrance. When we focus on all of these elements together, you are able to achieve the results not only quicker but longer lasting. 

We have some really exciting announcements to share, as our clinic evolves into space of what we have breathed and valued in our work all along. Stay connected to find out more. 


With love

Jess x