Spring has arrived, and with it comes the pressure to conform to seasonal body fads. Lose weight, tone up for summer, summer challenge, we’ve heard it all before. Is this really what your body and mind really needs? Are they truly beneficial for our well-being, or are they just pushing us further down the rabbit hole of unattainable body image standards? Let’s explore the impact of these and discover how self-compassion and self-acceptance can help you feel amazing about the skin you’re in. 

We know all too well how common it is to feel self-conscious as the warmer months approach, and we shed our winter layers. We are reminded everywhere through mainstream media that now is the time to “prep” for summer. 

At SURSKIN we remind you that there is no such thing as the “perfect” body. Because there truly is not. There is only a better you that is explored through the ritual of surrender and self-love, and that is what we give our clients through every treatment, every time. 

In company with your weekly or monthly skin and body rituals, we encourage our clients with ways you can feel amazing in your own skin all the time. Here are some of our tips:

Get to Know Your Body

Take a moment each day to reconnect with your body. Whether it’s in the morning sunshine or before bedtime, practice mindful movement. This simple act of self-awareness can help you appreciate your body more.

Nurture Your Body from Within

Consider incorporating ingestible supplements like vegan collagen into your daily routine. We love our Imbibe range these can boost your well-being from the inside out, promoting not only physical health but also self-confidence.

Decompress with Sauna Sessions

Life’s demands can increase stress levels. Regular sauna sessions can help reduce cortisol levels, the main stress hormone, leaving you feeling more relaxed and at ease. We have our very own Infrared Sauna. You can book yours here.

Try Something New or Revisit Old Rituals

Engage in activities that make you feel good both mentally and physically. Revisit old rituals that have brought you joy in the past or explore new ones that align with your well-being.

Prioritise Joyful Activities

If something you’re doing doesn’t bring you joy, stop doing it. Instead, focus on activities that make you happy and enhance your self-confidence.

Skip Extreme Exercise and Diets

Avoid falling for fear-based marketing promoting extreme exercise routines or restrictive diets. Instead, build healthy habits that fit your lifestyle and make you feel good both physically and mentally.

Explore Breathwork

Consider incorporating breathwork into your routine. It can have a transformative impact on your well-being. Look into sessions or classes that resonate with you. Our wellness house Henosis & Co <henosisandco.com.au> offers regular practice to accompany your skin and body rituals. 

Practice Self-Compassion

Remember that you are unique, and self-compassion is crucial. Love and care for yourself as you would for others. Prioritise self-care as an act of self-love.

Seek Support

If you’re facing health or dietary challenges, don’t hesitate to seek support from qualified professionals. Naturopathic advice and remedies can make a significant difference in your well-being, and we offer all of these in our wellness house <henosisandco.com.au> so you have the very best access to healing and well-being both inside and out.

With Love

Jessica Wrightson x