Facials protect your Skin during seasonal transitions; here’s how

Maintaining dermal hydration and protection during transitional seasons isn’t simple. In those Winter months where the temperature drops and the air is drier, the battle to keep hydrated is easily lost.

Instead, the desire to stay huddled on the lounge under your favourite knitted throw wins and the added task of protecting your skin during Winter seems all a bit much.

Should you keep the appointment you made for your facial all those weeks ago when the Winter Blues were in full force?

 We think so!

Maintaining your clinical facials could be the answer to achieving optimum dermal perfection, year-round!

Love that smooth post-facial feeling? Here’s what happens to your Skin during a SurFACEskin Facial with a Peel. 

To understand why the benefits of winter peels are a solid addition to your other favourite SurFACESkin facials, we need to know how the skin functions before, during, and after these gentle procedures. 

The structure of your skin is a combination of 3 layers. 

  • The Epidermis- The outer layer of the skin. This outer layer contains Keratinocytes, which migrate up from the deepest layer of the Epidermis. Once these cells reach the upper layer of the Epidermis, they are shed, replaced by new Keratinocytes. 
  • The Dermis- This is a thick and fibrous layer where collagen & elastin produce. The dermis contains nerve endings, sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, amongst other vital functions. 
  • The Subcutaneous Layer – A fatty layer that protects and provides insulation from heat and cold. 

When all layers of the skin function cohesively and effectively, the results are a balanced complexion, boasting a natural glow. However, often these functions don’t work collectively.

During these colder months, we ‘re most likely to become complacent in maintaining upkeep to our dermal health. 

Thanks to frequent exposure to free radicals during the winter months, your winter skin may feel 

* Dry and tight

* Dehydrated and peeling

* Scaly and bumpy

* Itchy and red

 Often, winter skin has been described as dull and lacking lustre; this could be due to the reduced speed at which the skin cells function. This delay in processing may be problematic for the production of healthy surface skin cells. 

Enter Synergie Skin Peels combined with SurFACEskin’s holistic approach.

During your tailored SurFACESkin Facial, your Dermal Therapist will carefully select a range of Synergie Skin professional ingredients to enhance the benefits of your prescribed Synergie Clinical Peel. These peels provide your skin with the benefits of a gentle resurfacing treatment. Skin is revitalised and stimulated using active ingredients such as Papaya Extract, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, and Mandelic Acid.

A double cleanse and exfoliate prepares and removes debris from the skin surface, while an LED Light Therapy is used to harmonise the deeper layers of the Epidermis and even into the Dermis. Lastly, the addition of a Bio-Alginate Mask not only feels cool and refreshing after the heat of the peel, but also infuses the actives deeper into the skin and minimises any downtime. 

Synergie Skin is 100% Australian-owned and made, combining naturally derived ingredients with laboratory synthesised elements creating evidence-based ethical skincare, with minimal environmental impact.

All ingredients are known for their dynamic and results-driven benefits, which include:

  •   An increase in skin cell turnover, leaving your skin appearing plump and glowing
  •   Skin texture is smoothened and softened, leaving you with a flawless surface. 
  •   Dermal hydration is stimulated, revealing a balanced firm complexion. 
  •   Skincare products can penetrate more effectively after sloughing away the dead skin cells built up over Winter. Giving you better results from your home skincare routine. 

Low-risk, high-glowing results your skin deserves

Most effective facial treatments available at your specialised skincare clinic require downtime that, for some, is a deal-breaker. The risk of post hyperpigmentation & inflammation occurring after a facial with a peel increases slightly during warmer months due to sun exposure and active lifestyles throughout Summer. 

Intentionally scheduling your Facial to occur during, or just after, Winter benefits your dermal recovery. 

  •   Timing your Skin resurfacing treatments throughout colder seasons allows your skin to heal under the perfect conditions.
  •   Less exposure to inflammatory elements, such as heat & ultraviolet rays, assists in healing & prevents damage to your skin.
  •   If your sun protection habit isn’t on point, having a peel during Winter could offer you a skin glowing solution in a low-risk, high reward treatment.

SurFACESkin Clinic customises your facial treatment plan based on our dermal therapist’s thorough analysis of your skin. We offer a range of Synergie Skin peels that vary in strength and purpose, ultimately depending on your skin’s needs alongside your goals. 

These different peels in the range are.

  •   Enzyme Hydro, to hydrate, brighten and restore your skin.
  •   Lactic Acid, for the treatment of fine lines, uneven skin tone and dehydration.
  •   Salicylic Acid, containing anti-inflammatory properties which assist in treating excess sebum production and redness.
  •   Tetra-Acid 50, to target pigmentation, sun damage, pores and premature ageing.
  •   Jessner Power Peel, which targets acne, excess oil flow, superficial fine lines and scarring.

Synergie Skin Peels can be layered or used on their own for a customised result.

Maintaining your post-Winter facial has multiple benefits. Self-love and care during Winter are perfect ways to prepare and protect your skin for the warmer months ahead. 

Do you maintain your facial game throughout Winter?

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SurFACESkin Team xx

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