Put your hand up if you find this time of year stressful, ME!

The season of Summer and Holiday celebrations can bring so much joy but it also can bring a whole lot of extra commitments, impossible deadlines and financial stress. Along with that closing of the year and New Year pressures.

I personally can’t deny there is a part of me that loves the thrill, of all of the chaos and that sense of achievement when I get to boxing day morning and I can just be absorbed in my home with the people I hold closest. It is also a fantastic time to grow your boundaries and sometimes saying NO to things to enable your health and wellness. 

Why it’s important to lower your stress levels through Summer……..

Perhaps you noticed small areas of discolouration and darkening on your skin after sun exposure, but did you know that pigmentation can also occur as a symptom when our estrogen levels are in excess or following a stress response? In this case, the melanocytes that sit just under the surface switch on their production of melanin as a form of defence!

If your pigmentation is in response to elevated estrogen levels, you will commonly notice other symptoms such as painful periods, PMS or uncomfortable peri-menopausal symptoms, bloating, cycle-related headaches or a general grittiness to your mood. One of the best things you can do to reduce estrogen dominance is to support your stress levels.

So here is what you are going to do: get your calendar out now!……….. Block out 20 minutes everyday for the next month in your diary. This time is for you to stop and do nothing or practice a selfcare ritual. If you aim for 20 minutes a day and a day or 2 a week don’t work out, then that is okay. Remember we want to lower those stress levels so the most important thing is being kind to yourself, even when your aren’t achieving what you intended. Its ok!


Over the next month of December:

  • Apply a healthy and delicious diet. – Focus on what nourishes your body,  like healthy greens, proteins and good fats. Why not try 3 days a week with no sugar and/or no alcohol? This can make a huge difference to your skin, body and mental health.
  • Self-esteem level – Positive affirmations can be amazing, why not try being your own “hype person” for a month and see how it helps with your self-esteem.
  • Take it Slow – Make sure you have enough time to clean up, get ready and have breakfast at a calm pace. Connect with your body more, through yoga and breath work. 
  • Regular exercise – this does not need to be high intensity and actually sometimes it’s better to not be – Incorporate a stretching and mobility session into your mornings to energize for the day.
  • Take intentional time for yourself – Even 10 minutes of journaling, meditation or manifesting can set you up for an inspiring day!


Stress on your Skin and Health

Following a stress response, it’s important to really amp up your adrenal care and stress management. Making a conscious effort to slow down by examining your values and priorities, becoming more aware of your senses, addressing your perceptions of pressure and urgency, and saying ‘no’ when you need to, can all be useful steps towards doing this. You also want to make sure you’re consuming plenty of antioxidants as these can help to counteract (and prevent) the damage caused to your skin.

Topical actives such as Synergie Skin’s Skin Brightening routine can also help boost the antioxidants in your skin. This routine has three essential topical vitamins, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, a skin brightening peptide serum and a daily broad-spectrum UV protective moisturiser. Feel luminous and radiant in your skin. UltraCleanse– cleansing gel concentrate, Enlighten – skin brightening serum, ÜberZinc– moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide, Effica C – essential vitamin C serum, Ultimate A – essential vitamin A serum, Vitamin B – serum with 13% vitamin B3 (niacinamide). This routine can be personalised to your specific needs with one of our complimentary consultations in clinic.

To get the liver functioning efficiently again, you want to focus on consuming plenty of antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemical from whole real foods, particularly vegetables in the brassica family. Making a real effort to reduce your intake and exposure to liver loaders such as alcohol, preservatives and synthetic chemicals found in conventional household cleaning and personal care products. We highly recommend SynergieSkin as their ‘Clean Science’ policy ensures high-potency formulas combine clinical data and quality actives to produce effective, ethical, evidence-based products.

Our new ingestibles range from Imbibe is coming in January to work internally for a healthy gut, radiant skin and strong hair and nails. Beauty that radiates on the outside, always starts on the inside. For more information ask one of our  Clinicians next time you are in the clinic.


Why not take a minute for yourself with us

Your result driven treatments can be incredible and we pride ourselves on adding a holistic touch to even our most clinical treatments, although at this time of year it is also lovely to have a holistic based treatment. Treatments that encourage focused skin results, a long lasting glow, intentional breathing and stillness to lower your adrenal response.

Lymphatic Enzyme Mask TherapyOur Lymphatic Enzyme Mask Therapy is Australian Made and Owned, and features native Australian botanicals. The mask gradually tightens to bring blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface, creating healthy responsive skin.

Full Body Vaculase and LED Light TherapyThis treatment helps with your skin’s circulation for the face and body. LED Light Therapy works at a cellular level to fight active acne, rosacea and skin irritations, as well as boosting the production of collagen and elastin. While the Vaculase works on toning and tightening, adipose tissue reduction, cellulite smoothing and lymphatic drainage, so you can feel your best.

Beauty Booster – V2 Skin Booster, known as Beauty Booster is an injectable hydration treatment, for rejuvenating dry, dull skin affected by dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. It combines skin needling with a semi cross-linked Dermal Filler for firmer, hydrated skin. The treatment is regenerative, replenishing lost hydration and nutrients to the skin, resulting in a stronger, collagen rich and elastic dermis.

Why not lower your stress levels and make yourself a priority this Christmas and New Year! 


Jess x