The Benefits of Clinical Peels for Different Skin Types

SURSKIN has revolutionary solutions to all your skin concerns – Professional Peel treatments. Say goodbye to visible imperfections and embrace a revitalized epidermal texture with the use of Synergie Skin’s range of clinical peels, offering immediate results and minimal downtime. Let’s delve into the world of clinical peels and discover how they cater to various skin types.

Our chemical peel options are as diverse as your skin’s needs. With a wide array of chemical peel choices, these treatments are uniquely designed to address specific skin concerns. The magic lies in selecting the ideal acid for each client, ensuring maximum efficacy. These peels work wonders by stimulating collagen remodeling, countering signs of aging, fading discoloration, unclogging pores, and calming inflammation. The added benefits of heightened hyaluronic acid production and improved moisture retention result in plumper, more hydrated skin.

Synergie Skin currently offers an impressive range of clinical peels, each catering to distinct skin issues. The Enzyme HydroPeel is a go-to for concerns like premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores. If acne and inflammation are persistent problems, the Salicylic Acid Peel comes in three strengths (5%, 10%, 20%). For those battling fine lines, solar damage, or dehydration, the Lactic Acid Peel, also available in varying strengths (20%, 30%, 40%), presents an ideal solution. To target multiple concerns, the Layered Peel combines salicylic and lactic acids. The Tetra Acid-50 Peel is a powerhouse against hyperpigmentation, acne, and excessive oiliness. Lastly, the Modified Jessner Peel addresses a range of issues including open pores and fine lines.

Affordable Luxury: Starting at just $75, these transformative clinical peels are an investment in your skin’s future.

We always complement your peel with LED Light Therapy for even more astonishing results. This therapy fights active acne, rosacea, and skin irritations while boosting collagen and elastin production. Whether experienced alone or added to other treatments, LED Light Therapy elevates your skincare game.

Synergie Skin’s Professional Peel treatments are a game-changer, catering to a spectrum of skin concerns and types. With immediate results and minimal downtime, it’s time to unveil your skin’s true potential. Trust in the power of clinical peels and embrace the radiant, rejuvenated skin you deserve.