Renewed outlook on how you see yourself

Coming home to yourself: The wellness industry hypes that you’re broken and you need to be healed. I think it’s important to remember that we are forever on a personal journey, whether conscious healing needs to be made or not, we already have everything we need, it already exists within. This is where SurFACEskin can help you surrender limiting beliefs and create unity within for a renewed outlook of yourself.

When I first embarked on this industry at the early age of 16 I knew I wanted to empower people with the aid of skin health and physical restoration through clinical dermal therapies and holistic health, to enhance their confidence not to mask issues or insecurities.

The prime purpose of any treatment is to aid your personal growth and shift self-care into a sustainable long-term health, and wellness journey that can evolve with you and not restrain you. While continuing to aid you in a positive way to feel and look your best self.

There is so much beauty in imperfection why can we no longer see it?

This is where SurFACEskin has and will continue to evolve. In the last 7 years in-house, we have continued to nurture our clients physically and mentally, hearing their concerns, offering solutions and education, and not asking them to waste their money on a short-term fix that may be detrimental to their self-worth and growth. In leading the evolution of the meaning of self-care, it’s not just about achieving the external mood board or making someone look like their favourite celebrity, it’s about retiring people’s scars that they hold on the inside the negative things they tell themselves when they are having a bad day or praising someone who has a more “ideal” look in their eyes.

Achieving a positive outlook on yourself while working on skin or body external goals can be achieved at SurFACEskin, in the most conscious way. What I am proudest to offer our clients is a sanctuary that restores internal values and self-worth. Eradicating critical self-talk and highlighting the importance of loving everything about yourself and being proud of your uniqueness. Internal wounds can be healed with time and rewarding ourselves with self-care and self-love rituals for you to feel uniquely beautiful in every way!!

Our own Evolution

Our next phase in our own evolution is here.

We’re leaving our FACE behind.

SURSKIN ~ Surrender your past thoughts and expectations of yourself / Be proud of your Uniqueness and create Rituals to unite how you feel, see and believe you are your best self. 

SurFACEskin leaves its FACE behind as we dive into new depths of our business and embody what we are truly about. Empowering our community with a holistic approach to wellness that is beneath what you see on the surface and how you feel on the inside. 

This movement has been in the process for the last couple of years as we held off until the right location was ready for us to embark on. We needed our location to be centrally positioned so this was accessible to more of the Perth community. It’s important for us to enrich the lives of as many people of all gender identities as to feel their most authentic selves in a space that also reflects this…

Stop caring about what others think and start caring about what makes you smile. You can curate your life to be however you like.


With love

Jess x