Breathwork is fast becoming popular worldwide when it comes to healing and reconnecting with one’s self, as it’s such a powerful practice!


“The beautiful thing about Breathwork is that it’s your breath, your body, your mind and your unique journey!” ~ Thea, Certified Breathwork Practitioner.


By utilising the power of conscious connected breath to regulate your nervous system, you can reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm as well as release stagnant energies, emotions and experiences from the body.

This then leaves you with room for empowerment, confidence, self-trust, self-belief and magnetism. A lot of times our fear of being seen, sharing our truth and our soul gifts, calling in more abundance or even struggling to feel connected to our sense of purpose can stem from a dysregulated nervous system.

So how does it work?

Did you know that we consume as much information DAILY as people in the Elizabethan Era did in their WHOLE LIFE?

Between being overworked, overstimulated (ding ding ding!) and being in a constant state of reaction – our nervous systems are stretched daily (and that’s not even taking into account the backlog of past experiences). This energetic overload has a significant impact not only on our bodies, but on our stress levels, emotions, physical well-being, and our mindset.

When our nervous system has reached its limit, two states often occur:


This looks like symptoms of hyperactivity, hyperarousal, stress, anxiety, reactivity, not being able to sit still and always having to be BUSY. It might also look like high screen time and phone addiction, struggling to sleep well, and being overwhelmed by the thought of daily life.


This looks like symptoms of fatigue, depression, numbness, dissociation, and avoidance. It might look like having no energy for anything and feeling fed up by it all.

It’s very common that you may cycle between these two states and your nervous system tries to recalibrate itself (often with no success).

As our body tries to cope it creates tension throughout as a form of protection (and can manifest as physical pain or health symptoms). With this wall of protection up it prevents us from experiencing joy, happiness, gratitude and fulfillment that’s trapped and stuffed down behind it. We can’t experience one without the other. 

So when we breathe in a breathwork session, the breath acts like a balloon that’s inflating inside of us. The breath creates the opening in the body for the energy to shift and we then use movement, sound and physical touch to allow that energy to shift up and out from the body. 

Throughout various sessions, we are taking you out of survival mode (fight, flight, freeze) and restoring balance to your nervous system. Many of the women and men I work with report back that things that used to bother them in the past or cause overwhelm no longer do after our sessions. That they are not only able to cope better in life, but thrive too.


Bringing Breathwork to SURSKIN

Meet Thea ~ Certified Breathwork Practitioner at Unearthed Breathwork

My Breathwork journey began back in 2019. I still remember that session well. It was the first time I felt connected to my body in years, I had a massive emotional release and felt so light afterwards. It was absolutely profound!

Since then I have…

Breathed my way through childhood trauma, grief and anger! I have breathed my way through limiting beliefs, emotional eating, physical pain, and destructive ways of thinking.

I have done the deep inner work and now have the privilege to support and hold space for others along their breathwork journey. I now offer private sessions at the beautiful SurFACESkin Clinic in Subiaco.

My unique approach to breathwork begins with space for chats and connection to gain a deeper understanding of what we might be working through together to support your body and nervous system. 

Then, we move into a full body scan, followed by 60 minutes of breathwork and then integration at the end. We complete the session with tea and the space to share. You may also receive tailored tools for you to take home to support yourself in the days following.


If you would like to book a private session with Thea – you can book via Sessions are available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.