We birth a new era this month, as we embark on our next phase of bringing our clients the very best in a holistic approach to skin, body, and wellness, but we felt we could not close our doors and open a new, without sharing first the story of our humble beginnings. 

At the tender age of fifteen, I would often proclaim, with unwavering determination, that one day I would own my own skin clinic. Little did I know that by the age of thirty-six, that dream has been a reality for the last 7 years—a reality that has empowered me to guide and inspire individuals to embrace and adore the skin they’re in. This chapter of my life has now spanned over two decades, and I’m still beaming with purpose and fulfillment to help others see and feel cared for. This was something that throughout my academic years, I never thought was even possible.

Journaling back twenty-three years, to 2000, it was during this time that a quaint hair and beauty salon in South Perth, nestled just around the corner from my humble abode, extended its welcoming arms and offered me the role of a Saturday helper. While my responsibilities may have been mundane tasks – cleaning, hair washing, wax removal, and the meticulous sweeping of fallen strands, I found solace and joy in just being there. Every Saturday, unwavering in my enthusiasm, I would grace the salon with my presence, and dedicate my enthusiasm for the next five years before heading to the UK to work in Edinburgh’s multi-award-winning beauty salon, day spa, and skin clinic.

Over the past two decades, my journey has been an ever-unfolding exploration, delving into the intricacies of Dermal Science, human anatomy, the ebb and flow of life cycles, and the synergy between scientific advancements, results-driven skincare, naturopathy, holistic health, and the importance of mental well-being. It’s a journey that has always been driven by the desire to create a sanctuary—a sacred space where people can find solace, embrace their uniqueness, and establish a profound connection with their authentic selves. 

When it comes to market trends and superficial demands, they have never been my compass; instead, my truth has always been anchored in the belief that genuine beauty arises from a place of self-acceptance, and where one’s worth transcends external enhancements. What I found over my experience was the commonality that individuals truly yearn for a place where they can release the burdens of stress, reset their nervous systems, and revel in the nurturing care that allows them to feel good about who they are, irrespective of their physical assets.

This approach was always something I embodied as an individual, and shared and encouraged all my clients, but it wasn’t something I thought was possible to ignite into the workspace as a core practice. I allowed self-doubt to plague my thoughts, convinced that I was incapable of achieving those big dream goals. But over time the feeling got louder, and felt that to deliver my clients what I believe is the absolute best approach to skin, body, beauty and aesthetics, we needed to clearly define the change. 

In the past six months, I have really learned to embrace my own unique qualities and celebrate my unorthodox approach to both career and lifestyle and established a way to infuse these traits as strengths not weaknesses, by investing in my growth with a business mentor*, which has given unparalleled insight and support to step into creating this next chapter. SURSKIN – Creators of Holistic Wellness & Aesthetics, where you can Surrender your thoughts and expectations, to appreciate your Uniqueness through Rituals of self-care. 

SURSKIN is founded on the concept of Surrendering to your Uniqueness with Ritual practice. We hope that the expansion of our business helps all our clients embrace their own journey of internal peace, self-acceptance, and expansion as well. We cannot wait to see where this next chapter not only takes us but where it takes you too. 

DOORS OPEN 10TH JUNE at 8 Cambridge Street, West Leederville.

*A pivotal source of support in this transformative process has been my collaboration with Kirsty Gaitens from The Mrkt House, whose aligned business coaching has been instrumental in my growth. Along with my incredible team at SURSKIN ~ Thank you

With love,

Jessica Wrightson